Led by Dr. Christopher Dorsa, Pro Performance Chiropractic opened in 2019 to provide innovative options for strength, recovery and pain relief for our patients in Denver, CO. Dr. Dorsa offers a friendly, positive environment where you can explore a variety of cutting-edge options for diagnosing and treating accident injuries, sports injuries, age and stress related aches and pains, and more. Partnering with CrossFit Eminence and NeuAbility, we’re able to offer a locally based network of integrated alternative medicine that covers massage, acupuncture and exercise specialists.

We’re proud to share that our chiropractic office offers the Kinesio Taping method as one of our many services. An effective method for supporting muscles, joints and ligaments, taping can be crucial for reducing swelling to enhance recovery. Kinesio tape has been used in professional practices around the world after being developed in the 1970s. If you frequently watch professional sports, you’ve probably spotted athletes with colorful tape stretching across their shoulders, backs, knees or abdomens. These athletes are taking advantage of Kinesio Taping to reduce swelling, alleviate pain and enhance performance. Everyone can actually tap into the benefits of taping for pain.

What to Expect From Kinesio Taping

When you visit with Dr. Dorsa at our office, he’ll conduct manual muscle and range-of-motion testing as part of an assessment for determining a treatment protocol using tape that will provide tailored results. In many cases, Kinesio Taping is used in conjunction with other treatments and therapies that can help with injury rehabilitation or chronic pain. In fact, the American Physical Therapy Association supports the idea that taping is most effective when used in conjunction with manual therapy. Once the tape is applied, it will move with your body. It is actually an elastic tape that feels very similar to athletic tape. While the tape does not cause pain, you may be aware of a sensation of it “pulling your body.”

What Can Kinesio Taping Be Used For?

Taping can be used for essentially any type of injury or pain throughout the body. The basic theory behind Kinesio Taping is that its application actually changes the pressure gradient beneath your skin. As a result, you experience enhanced flow of your body’s lymphatic fluid. Taping is also used to add extra support to your joints or muscles. This makes it an exceptional treatment option for something as common as Achilles tendonitis. There is a huge body of evidence to support the therapeutic benefits of Kinesio Taping. Studies have shown that taping can do everything from retraining muscles with impaired function to helping with posture correction. In a 2017 study, taping helped stroke patients to improve their walking abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kinesio Taping

No, however you will be aware of the tape on your body.

While sports tapes are sold commercially, attempting to apply tape on your own without training can be difficult. Dr. Dorsa has undergone training and certification to be able to bring this therapy to his patients in Thornton, CO. For certain areas Dr. Dorsa will show you how you can continue to tape yourself at home. We have RockTape for purchase at the front office.

Yes, this is a water-resistant tape. It’s perfectly fine to bathe and swim while the tape is on. The Pro Performance Chiropractic staff will instruct you on how to care for your tape for best results during your appointment.