Located in Denver, Colorado, Dorsa Chiropractic is a new chiropractic clinic offering access to an integrative, collaborative network of alternative medicine that includes massage, acupuncture and exercise specialists through partnerships with CrossFit Eminence and NeuAbility. We offer a wide variety of recovery and wellness services at our friendly office. Dr. Christopher Dorsa and the Dorsa Chiropractic team are pleased to offer decompression therapy as part of our roster of cutting-edge treatments. We consider decompression therapy to be a top drug-free treatment alternative for anyone suffering from disc pain due to their career, lifestyle or underlying condition.

If you’re suffering from disc compression that is causing pain throughout your back or neck, decompression therapy is a very gentle option that may help you to take pressure off of your spinal discs. This method goes above and beyond what manual stretching can do. Please reach out to us at Dorsa Chiropractic to book your decompression therapy appointment in Denver, CO!

What to Expect From Decompression Therapy

A non-surgical treatment for pain and injuries, spinal decompression stretches the spine using an FDA-approved motorized traction table here in our office. Using the table, Dr. Dorsa is able to slowly relieve pressure from the soft, gel-like discs in your spine. During the process, your spine will be gently decompressed and lengthened using custom settings based on your needs. The process ultimately takes pressure off of the cushions between your bones that have flared up due to constant impact.

What Does Decompression Therapy Treat?

Decompression therapy can be used for a variety of different types of pain resulting from strain / sprain injuries or repetition. It is particularly beneficial for patients suffering from bulging or herniated discs. Many patients who are suffering from pain or loss of range of motion stemming from arthritic joints in the neck and low-back area also find great relief through decompression therapy. It is also a treatment option for sciatica, worn spinal joints or injured spinal nerve roots.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decompression Therapy

No, patients do not typically feel any pain during spinal decompression. However, you will feel a “stretching” sensation in your spine.

A percentage of patients will see results within the first week. However, it usually takes between four and six weeks to feel the full benefits of spinal decompression therapy. Patients have seen back pain improve by 85% soon after starting this therapy.

While there are manual techniques that can be used to provide some relief for compressed spinal discs at home, none of them will provide the same level of decompression as using a motorized decompression table. As part of our comprehensive treatment plan for helping you to relieve back or neck pain here at Dorsa Chiropractic, we’ll be able to show you some techniques for taking pressure off of your spinal column in day-to-day life.