Dorsa Chiropractic offers sports chiropractic services in Denver, CO. Led by Dr. Christopher Dorsa, our practice employs cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment techniques to help you recover and come back stronger than ever. Our full roster of sports services includes sports injury care , injury prevention and performance care. We proudly partner locally with CrossFit Eminence and NeuAbility to provide our clients with an integrated network of alternative medicine providers in the specialties of massage, acupuncture and exercise.

Dr. Dorsa has years of experience working with a variety of athletes in different sports and genres. At our practice, we believe that people of all ages and levels should be able to participate in the sports and activities they enjoy without pain.

What to Expect From Sports Chiropractic Care

When you visit us for sports-centered chiropractic care, Dr. Dorsa will tailor your treatment plan based on your needs. Many of our clients are seeking injury prevention and performance stabilization. In addition, we can help you create a rehabilitation regimen if you’re currently healing from an injury, strain or wear and tear. We can also help you to enhance joint and muscle performance.

How Do You Use Sports Chiropractic Care?

Sports chiropractic treatments are used to increase resiliency while keeping your body in the optimal condition to recover and heal. Dr. Dorsa can utilize a variety of techniques for both manual manipulation and assisted manipulation. We also offer a wide variety of innovative treatments using high-tech sports-medicine equipment. Once we discuss your goals with you, we’ll tailor a treatment that can help you get on a path to feeling and performing your best!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors offer a wide variety of services that are closely aligned with sports medicine. For many athletes, chiropractic care is an ideal avenue because it is a drug-free, noninvasive route to wellness.

Not at all, our practice is open to everyone! We routinely help people who run, lift and play sports as part of their everyday active lifestyles to perform at their best after coming back from strains, sprains, or injuries.

A chiropractor can help to ensure that your body is in proper alignment to help you avoid pain, strains and tears. Additionally, chiropractors can assist with your posture and movement mechanics that allow you to handle your own weight properly while standing, moving or performing repetitive motions.