Dorsa Chiropractic is a newly established practice specializing in auto injury chiropractic services in Denver, CO. If you’re suffering from pain, discomfort or loss of mobility due to an auto accident, it’s important to be evaluated by a chiropractor to identify any common accident repercussions like whiplash, concussions, disc injuries, strains and more. Dr. Christopher Dorsa and the Pro Performance team offer a welcoming office where your health and wellness will be viewed through a holistic, investigative lens to help you get to the root of any pain or dysfunction you’re experiencing.

Many people don’t realize that even minor car accidents that seem like “no big deal” at the time can result in significant injuries that impact muscles, ligaments and joints to create chronic pain and reduced range of motion. Over time, these undiagnosed and untreated injuries can create severe disruptions to your quality of life. According to the American Chiropractic Association, “Approximately two-thirds of people involved in motor vehicle accidents develop symptoms of whiplash. The symptoms usually do not develop until 2 to 48 hours after the injury.” What’s more, it is estimated that 45 percent to 85 percent of people who suffer a whiplash injury are still suffering five years after the accident.

In many cases, early intervention following an accident can help to address inflammation before it creates a ripple effect throughout your body. Rest assured that Dr. Dorsa will work hard to help you get back to feeling like your pre-accident self as quickly as possible! Dorsa Chiropractic works with doctors and surgeons to help our patients stay on the right track for recovery.

What to Expect From Auto Injury Chiropractic Treatments

When you come to visit us following an auto injury, we’ll go over your health history, conduct an examination and discuss your experience with you. We’ll combine your descriptions of your symptoms with our cutting-edge diagnostic tools to get a clear picture of what is going on with your body. Next, we’ll address any underlying injuries that are responsible for symptoms like pain, stiffness, inflammation, reduced range of motion, fatigue, headaches, mood issues, sleep issues and more.

What Does Auto Injury Chiropractic Treat?

While many people go to the hospital following an accident if visible wounds like cuts or broken bones can be observed, they don’t realize that soft-tissue injuries could remain undetected until after they’ve left the scene of the accident. The same is true for whiplash and head injuries. Chiropractors are often able to detect undetected injuries following accidents because we look at the musculoskeletal system and central nervous system to detect pressure or imbalances. While chiropractors commonly treat spinal injuries following accidents, techniques are available to assist with all tissue injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accident Chiropractic Care

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractors don’t only treat whiplash. We can get you back on the road to healing following soft-tissue injuries, strains, sprains, fractures, and concussions. While chiropractic treatment alone may not always be the most appropriate option for all injury types, it will almost always be an important component in a larger plan for healing.

Not at all! At Dorsa Chiropractic, we collaborate with other medical specialists to help our patients enjoy appropriate, comprehensive medical treatments.

First, it’s important to seek emergency medical attention if you have any noticeable injuries or severe pain following an accident. It can also be very beneficial to see a chiropractor in the hours or days following your accident. Even people who don’t appear to be injured can still benefit from seeing a chiropractor right away because a chiropractor may be able to detect compression or misalignments that aren’t creating noticeable symptoms yet.