Proudly bringing innovative, cutting-edge wellness solutions and chiropractic care to our clients in Denver, Dorsa Chiropractic is happy to welcome new patients. We’re pleased to announce partnerships with CrossFit Eminence and NeuAbility to provide our clients with an integrated network of alternative medicine providers covering massage, acupuncture and exercise.

When you visit our office to meet with Dr. Christopher Dorsa, our entire staff will take time to understand your unique wellness needs. We offer therapies for auto injuries, sports injuries, strains, aches, pains, overall wellness, prenatal wellness and more. One of the therapies on our roster that we’re especially proud to be able to share with our clients here in Denver is a therapy called muscle release technique.

What to Expect When You Visit Our Office for Muscle Release Technique

Sometimes called myofascial release or active release technique, muscle release technique is designed to treat skeletal muscle immobility. In studies, muscle release has been shown to enhance joint range of motion, pre-exercise muscle performance and post-exercise muscle performance. During this therapy, Dr. Dorsa employs special techniques for contracting your muscles to increase the flow of oxygen, blood and lymphatic fluid. As a result, the stretch reflex in your muscles is reactivated. Typically, a person who is suffering from myofascial pain that can benefit from muscle release has pain that originates from areas of tissue that chiropractors refer to as “trigger points.”

During the treatment, you will feel massaging with light stretching and manual pressure. This is the sensation of pressure and tightness being released. Often, it takes multiple rounds on a single trigger point to reach a full release of tension.

What Does Muscle Release Technique Treat?

Muscle release is used to treat pain or tightness in your tissue and muscles. Overall, it reduces pressure throughout the muscles in your body to create widespread tension relief. It can be used for both acute pain and general feelings of tightness and restriction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Muscle Release Technique

No. While muscle release does utilize massaging techniques, this is actually a very specific and technical technique that relies on the use of trigger points to strategically activate muscle healing. However, many patients do feel very relaxed and refreshed following a treatment!

Muscle release technique is often used for headaches. By massaging tight muscles located around the head and neck, it’s often possible to reduce tension that is causing headaches. This is a chiropractic treatment to consider if you’re looking for headache reduction.

People with venous insufficiency may benefit from this technique. With this condition, people experience blood pooling in the deep veins of their legs. Many patients find that release combined with other treatments can reduce pooling.