Auto injuries are among the most traumatic injuries our Pro Performance Chiropractic team treats. They happen suddenly and can have some lasting effects. Even if you’re fortunate enough not to have much in the way of long-term consequences, living with limited mobility and increased pain for weeks to months can interfere with your work, recreation, and fitness plans. Fortunately, comprehensive chiropractic care can help you regain functional abilities and develop new ones. The following reasons will help you understand why chiropractic care is your best option for recovery from motor vehicle-related trauma.

We Take Care of the Details.

When you’re in an auto collision, you’re focused on your pain, your health, and getting well. This is completely normal and something we encourage for your wellness. Unfortunately, the auto insurance claim process doesn’t wait until you feel up to it. Since most claims are settled in just 30 days, you don’t have the option of putting off any necessary forms.

Fortunately, our staff has experience in dealing with auto insurance companies. We know what kinds of information they need to process your claim. Since our standard evaluation is much more detailed than what they require, we can supply them with the necessary information to work on your behalf. In addition to a comprehensive examination, we perform a variety of tests and scans to clearly identify any issues you’re experiencing related to your auto incident.

In addition to providing the necessary information, we’re also able to complete the forms required to process your claim. We know how to answer the questions, so the insurance company will be on your side when it comes time to settle. At every step of the way, we’ll fight hard to help you get the resources needed to regain your health.

We Give You Health-Promoting Treatment Options

Pain is a vital sign from your body that something needs attention. When you take prescription pain medication, you are only masking the problem. In addition, you’re suffering from a number of side effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, and impaired concentration. In short, you’re making it much more likely that you’ll be in another collision or other accident.

Patients who come to our practice receive a detailed evaluation to find the source of their issues and then comprehensive treatment that addresses any underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. In fact, a recent study showed that chiropractic patients were 55% less likely to fill a prescription for opioids than those who sought traditional care.

We have similar testimonies related to surgery. While surgery is sometimes necessary, it comes with a hefty price in terms of complications, such as an increased risk of infection and decreased function. Surgery is also not an easily reversible treatment like the gentle, natural treatments we provide. Once you’re under the knife, there is no going back, whereas our treatments can be modified to suit you better.

We Provide Short and Long-term Pain Relief.

Another issue with surgery and medications is that most of the time, they need to be repeated. The pills wear off after hours. Surgeries correct problems that can reoccur, requiring a revision or repeat repair. Each surgery can also cause additional short-term pain.

Since the pain resulting from an auto injury can be intense, it should be no surprise to you that pain relief is the top issue patients want to see addressed. The neck, head, and upper body contain a complex network of nerves and muscles designed for intricate performance. Any injury to this region can be very painful.

Nerve function is at the heart of chiropractic care. As a result, we quickly pinpoint any issues with your nerves and provide solutions for sensory function and proper pain regulation. This helps you feel better quickly and over the long term.

We Get You Moving.

When you’re in pain, it can cause you to move with what we call a guarded posture. This involves holding yourself in ways to minimize movement and protect any painful areas. When you limit your movement, you limit the restorative potential of exercise to rehabilitate your nerves.

Guarded posture might help protect you immediately after a collision. Still, it shouldn’t become your everyday way of moving, and yet we’ve seen so many patients who assumed that they would always have to move in such a painful, complicated way.

Sometimes auto injuries are more severe than whiplash or a broken arm. If you have an injury that includes spinal cord involvement, we’re also here for you. In fact, we’re proud to partner with NeuAbility, a post-acute rehabilitation services provider in Denver, CO. Together, we can help you learn to develop new ways of living with a spinal cord injury.

We Help You Emerge Healthier.

You’ve probably heard lots of encouragement from well-meaning friends and family about getting through your accident or feeling better soon. While we agree, we also want to add one more thing. We can help you become healthier than you were before the collision.

When you come to see us, we perform a variety of tests, including a Selective Functional Movement Assessment, to indicate the underlying cause of any unhealthy movement patterns. We also get a detailed medical history from you and ask you about your daily life to get a comprehensive picture of your health. We also sometimes perform scans to get a closer look at any areas of concern.

Many of the interventions we prescribe for auto injury recovery are also suitable for improving overall health. One of the main areas we see in collision recovery is inflammation. While inflammation is one of the body’s methods for healing, it can quickly become an issue if left untreated. Excess inflammation can put a damper on your recovery by increasing your pain, making it harder to complete your prescribed therapeutic exercise routine. It can also deplete your immune system, making it harder for your body to fight off infection.

Fortunately, many of the chiropractic interventions we prescribe have been shown to reduce inflammation and boost immune response. Some of the top interventions we recommend for patients include diet and exercise changes. This is because they are backed by research. The Mediterranean Diet, for example, has been shown to reduce several critical inflammatory biomarkers.

Pro Performance Chiropractic Saves Lives.

While our initial focus is on treating any injuries stemming from the collision, we are also able to develop a personalized pathway to wellness. This means that, in addition to enjoying the overall health benefits that following our auto injury recovery protocol brings, you can learn some ways we can help you become healthier. We’ve worked with so many patients over the years to achieve energy, strength, and stamina that they never thought possible before coming to see us. We’d love to work with you. Give our Pro Performance Chiropractic team a call at (720) 893-0312 or contact us online to schedule an appointment or to get more information.