Dr. Christopher Dorsa, DC

Sports Chiropractor in Denver, CO

Dr. Christopher Dorsa, the founder of Dorsa Chiropractic, has extensive training in prenatal chiropractic, severe spinal cord injuries and paralysis, sports injuries, auto accident care, and overall wellness. He originally discovered chiropractic when he was in high school for a wrestling injury. He didn’t have the greatest experience and it didn’t really address his issues so he kind of looked past it. Fast forward to his time at University of Miami, where he was a pre-med student. He had two hip surgeries and a hand surgery at this point so he was pretty sure he was going to go the orthopedic route. But at the same time, his class had a chiropractor, who worked with a lot of the Miami Dolphins, come in and it opened his mind back up to that profession. He thought that if this level of athlete is getting this type of care, then there must be something more to it. Chris did his research then shadowed some chiropractors and physical therapists. He would watch patients come in with excruciating pain and then just walk out a completely changed person. That is when he knew he wanted to pursue chiropractic.

He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose, CA, which has a major focus on sports medicine. He wanted to figure out how to help injured athletes feel better, get better, stay better and perform better. In the last part of his degree he worked in a clinic that focused on prenatal care, which to his surprise, became one of his major passions. In office we use what’s called the Webster Technique that helps to reduce pain and increase comfort during pregnancy, as well as help to optimize the baby’s positioning.

Dr. Dorsa believes it is important as a sports chiropractor to be involved in sports, so that you can better understand the patient’s needs. Our office is connected to a Crossfit Gym and it really adds to the culture of our practice. He has a background in coaching and personal training so that plays heavily into the rehab that he teaches in office. We also have NeuAbility next to us, which is an adaptive rehab center where Dr. Dorsa works with patients who have serious spinal cord injuries and other forms of paralysis. Because each patient’s needs and goals are so specific, he tries to do a really in-depth evaluation so that they can come up with a specific game plan.

A major goal of his is to provide state of the art services and techniques to ensure optimal recovery. In our appointments you can expect some type of manual therapy, such as muscle release techniques, scraping, or kinesio taping. We also have Class IV Infrared Laser Therapy used for inflammation based injuries to decrease pain and speed up the healing process of any injury. Additionally, we offer decompression therapy for both the neck and low back injuries. It can be helpful with things like arthritis or disc injuries. Dr. Dorsa will always make sure to involve some type of rehab to ensure that we address the cause of the pain and to make sure that the pain stays away.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Christopher Dorsa and the Dorsa Chiropractic team are here to help you reach all of your wellness and performance goals! We’ll create a plan for feeling your best if you’re looking to recover from an accident, rehab an injury, manage pain, increase range of motion, or feel energized during pregnancy. Reach out today for a consultation!