The National Health Institute found that more than 15 million people have back pain episodes every year. If you think you’re alone and no one knows what you go through, think again. Back pain can occur due to certain medical conditions such as kidney stones and sciatica. You may also experience some pain caused by a pulled or strained muscle. When you can no longer get relief at home, learn how a chiropractor can help.

Initial Exam

When you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, expect to spend some time going over your symptoms during the initial exam. The professional will ask about any remedies or treatments you tried in the past and whether you had any success with them. They can also talk about the symptoms you experience and find a cause for your back pain. While some chiropractors will offer treatments on the spot, others will require that you come back later.

Treatment Options

You have multiple treatment options you can get from a chiropractor. Spinal manipulation is just one potential treatment. With spinal manipulation, the chiropractor uses pressure and massage to gently manipulate your spine and restore its alignment with the rest of your body. You can also opt for a chiropractic adjustment, which is a similar remedy that adjusts your back and spinal column. This reduces some of the pressure you usually feel. Manual therapy can help, too. The chiropractor can opt for a massage that focuses on your trigger points or give you a full body massage.

Other Treatments

Not all of the available treatments take place inside the office. Working with a chiropractor is a great way to learn about the top exercises you can do at home. These exercises help bend and stretch your back to reduce your discomfort and pain. Many of these professionals can also recommend lifestyle and dietary changes that benefit your back such as getting a new bed or eating a healthy diet. Some of the top foods that help with back pain include cherries, sweet potatoes, grapes, berries, and carrots. Certain herbs and spices also provide some relief like garlic, rosemary, basil, and turmeric.

Recover from Your Back Pain

Whether you have a chronic condition that causes your back pain or you suffered an injury that led to some pain, a chiropractic care center can help. Not only will you find treatments like spinal manipulations that provide relief on the spot, but you’ll also get help learning what you can and cannot do at home. Schedule an appointment with Dorsa Chiropractic today to recover from your back pain.